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There has been a change in the Eruv Boundries

Here are links to the eruvs of Bridgeport and Fairfield.

Our Eruv is primarily based on the local electricity/telephone poles in the area. It has come to my attention that by the edges/boundaries of the Eruv, one must be aware which side of the road is included in the Eruv. Furthermore, there are some areas where the poles are recessed from the sidewalk (or there is no sidewalk) making it impossible to carry on that street. The following areas are of particular note:

  • Stratfield Road - one must walk on the East side of Stratfield Rd (not the side that Ahavath Achim is on) from Montauk St towards Suburban Ave (towards Bridgeport).
    • The Eruv continues till Suburban Ave but the sidewalk is lost right after Jackman. It is not possible to carry on Stratfield from Jackman till Suburban (one has to turn into Jackman and continue in the side streets).
  • Montauk St - It is not possible to carry in Montauk St since some of the poles are recessed from the sidewalk (October 25, 2017).
  • It is possible to carry in the Dogwood Green complex.

Please contact Rabbi Moldovan with any questions regarding the Eruv or call 203-906-6296.