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Parashat Tzav

Dear Friend,
This week's parasha, Parashat Tzav, picks up the narrative where last week's parasha left off.  By discussing the intricacies of the korbanot sacrifices and the daily workings of the service of Hashem in the Mishkan, Parashat Tzav is a natural continuation from Parashat Vayikra. Parshat Tzav contains:
- the Mitzvah of Terumat HaDeshen, removing some ash from atop the Mizbeach pyre each day.
- the laws of how to kasher utensils.
- the prohibition not to consume blood.  
- and other mitzvot and topics...
This week is also the special Shabbat of Parashat Parah.  A second Sefer Torah is removed from the Aron Kodesh.  The first section of Parashat Chukat. which describes the order of preparation for the parah adumah red heifer ashes, is read from this second Torah scroll.
The ashes of the parah adumah were employed in the process of purifying the Jewish people from the most severe form of impurity- tumat meit.  In antiquity, this portion of the Torah was read annually at this juncture of the calendar in order to remind the people to purify themselves in anticipation of the impending national Pesach-offering sacrifice. What meaning and relevance can be discerned from this seemingly arcane red heifer ritual for our contemporary postmodern lives?  I look forward to further exploring this question with you when we meet for services this Shabbat morning at 9:30 at JSS (Mozaic Senior Living), 4200 Park Avenue, Bridgeport.
All the best,
Rabbi Peretz Robinson