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Welcome to Congregation Ahavath Achim

Congregation Ahavath Achim is a warm, suburban, Modern Orthodox synagogue, affiliated with the Orthodox Union. We are located in scenic Fairfield, Connecticut, just one hour from New York City, with easy access via either the Merritt Parkway or I-95, Amtrak or MetroNorth. A short drive will bring you to nearby beaches, marinas, parks, historical sites, nature centers and museums. We experience the changing seasons of a New England town but also enjoy all the conveniences of being within easy commuter distance of New York. Visitors to our community are always welcome!

Rabbi Ephraim Meth - Torah Thoughts.

The mitzvah to sanctify Hashem's name, Kiddush Hashem, has two components that seem mutually exclusive. On the one hand, the mitzvah seems to advise us to act in a virtuous manner that earns the acclaim of our observers, such as to pay bills promptly, to speak politely, and the like. On the other hand, the mitzvah advises us to act with steadfastness and integrity, and not to give up defense of our values for the world. Hence, Kiddush Hashem is the source for the halakhic and historical practice of choosing death over conversion to other religions. Sometimes, the two components of Kiddush Hashem conflict, such as when the world will only admire our ideals if we change them. Under these circumstances, which sadly seem quite prevalent in the Western world nowadays, we must evaluate with the utmost realism how positively or negatively a vigorous defense of our values will impact on Hashem's reputation. The recent Supreme Court decision regarding same-gender marriage, which is immoral, and which we hope will be swiftly retracted, is a perfect example. While it is critical for us to declare that what is now legal is nonetheless wrong, it is equally important for us to think long and hard about how to express this critique in a manner that enlightens our opposites with insight into the compelling strengths of our definition of morality.

Announcements July 23-30, 2015

Weekly Announcements

  • Shabbat Pre-Mincha Shiur:  This Shabbat afternoon, due to observing Tisha B'Av on Sunday, Rabbi Ephraim Meth will present  the afternoon shiur at 5:15 pm, earlier than usual. Mincha will follow at 6:00 pm, also earlier than usual. The times are changed to allow time for everyone to have the Seudah Sheleesheet meal at home before the fast begins.  The meal should be finished no later than 8:11 pm.  Ma'ariv will be at 9:30 pm followed by Eicha.  No work activities should be done until after Shabbat ends.
  • Tisha B'Av Information/Schedule: On Sunday morning, shacharit will begin at the usual time, 8:30 am, followed by Kinot with special explanations and discussion with Rabbi Ephraim Meth.  Tefillin and Tallit are not donned. During the afternoon there will be two video showings in Zimmer Hall.  "Shanghai Miracle," a documentary about the Yeshiva students who escaped Europe and survived in Shanghai (approx. 60 minutes) will be shown at 3:00 pm and "Rebuilding from the Ashes," with recitations and analysis of Kinot by Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schachter and Rabbi Shalom Rosner will be shown at 4:15 pm (approx. 50 min.).  The Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation videos will be shown at Congregation Bikur Cholim from 1:30 to 4:00 pm.  There is a small fee.
  • The Ladies Tehillim Group meets monthly and the tehillim calendar for 5776 (2015-16) will be published in September with the High Holiday Newsletter.  The monthly tehillim group was the inspiration of Gina Gelb, z"l, and under her guidance it developed into a regular monthly Women's Rosh Chodesh group.  In recognition of her devotion to this chesed, to recite tehillim for all who need a refuah shelemah, the group is now dedicated to continue as The Gina Gelb Tehillim Group.  The next meeting is set for Thursday, August 13, at 8:00 pm, at the home of Miriam and Charles Parker, 134 Wynnwood Rd, Fairfield.  All women are invited to join in; tennagers are also welcome to participate.
  • Gala Journal Luncheon:  Have you made your reservations for this year's Gala Luncheon?  Don't Wait!  We guarantee a truly special event.  The Luncheon committee is very excited and proud to announce that this year the luncheon will be a catered affair - a dairy and parve buffet with a unique theme.  Reservations for the luncheon must be made and paid for no later than August 16.  We look forward to celebrating together with everyone.
  • JOURNAL AD REMINDER:  Thank you to the Early Birds who have already sent in their ads and luncheon reservations for this year's event, honoring our very special couple,  Shalom and Renee Mizrahi.  For everyone else, please don't forget the deadline for submitting ads is August 9 and will be here sooner than you think.  Sara Klein, Susan Klein and Diana Rich are already working on designing and editing this year's journal so please send in your ad as soon as possible.
  • Increase Journal Ad Income with Business Ads:   Don't be shy!  Remember to ask everyone you deal with for a business card ad for just $36.  Businesses will usually respond positively because it's such a small amount.  If every member brings in just one $36. business card ad it will add another $1800. to the Journal's success. Just one business card ad from you will add to the success of this event.  And don't forget your own business card too!
  • THE HIGH HOLIDAYS ARE APPROACHING: Dr. David Jutkowitz, Vice President of Ritual Affairs has been working very hard to ensure we have the necessary coverage for the approaching Yomim Noraim.  He has already obtained the services of a wonderful Shaliach Tzibur not only for Mussaf services and Kol Nidre night, but also for Shacharit and Mincha.  Dr. Jutkowitz also announces that Rabbi Ephraim Meth will continue as our interim rabbi throughout the High Holiday season. Information on purchasing High Holiday Honors and Seats will be in the mail the second week in August.  Please remember that all dues and past financial obligations must be paid in full before purchasing your High Holiday seats.
  • BUILDING PROGRESS UPDATE: We are happy to report that the sale of the shul property continues in positive forward momentum.  The various engineering and surveying requirements for such a project are being worked on and are proceeding with due diligence. We look forward to a positive result and completion of this phase of the sale by the end of August.
  • RABBINIC SEARCH UPDATE:  The Search Committee wishes to report that since posting an ad in The Jewish Press and re-posting on the Yeshiva University job site, there have been a number of resumes submitted for the position of part time rabbi.  All the resumes are being diligently reviewed by the Search Committee.  The committee has scheduled a number of meetings over the next week to conduct interviews. 

Upcoming Events

Sun Aug 02 @ 9:00AM - 09:30AM
New Summer Learning Program
Sun Aug 09 @ 9:00AM - 09:30AM
New Summer Learning Program
Sun Aug 16 @ 9:00AM - 09:30AM
New Summer Learning Program
Sun Aug 23 @12:00AM
Journal Gala Luncheon
Sun Aug 23 @ 9:00AM - 09:30AM
New Summer Learning Program

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